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Donate now to help protect our healthcare workers

Your contribution enables us to maintain the infrastructure, sourcing and delivery of critical supplies needed by healthcare workers everywhere to combat the COVID-19 crisis. Join us in our mission.

Donations to HealthEquip are processed by Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago (PHIMC) , our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt financial sponsor. Donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent provided by law as no goods or services have been provided as consideration for your gifts.

For your records, the PHIMC taxpayers identification number or EIN is 36-3959353. Any remaining funds, at the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic will be distributed to non-profit organizations supporting healthcare workers.

Donations though HealthEquip’s sponsor, PHIMC, is a single entity fund created to support healthcare workers during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. PHIMC enhances the capacity of public health and healthcare systems to promote health equity and expand access to services.

Checks By Mail

Make checks payable to
PHIMC, write “HealthEquip” in memo

Mail to
HealthEquip c/o PHIMC
180 N. Michigan Ave., Ste 1200
Chicago, IL 60601

Credit Card / eCheck

Please choose the drop-down Option and select HealthEquip to ensure your donation gets to us. Credit card donations are also tax deductible using the same 501c3 Tax ID# EIN 36-3959353.